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                 多年來,河北勝達智通新型建材有限公司一直“以產品質量為立企之本”;一直“以產品研發為經營戰略”; 一直“以服務客戶為目標宗旨”;一直“以市場口碑為成功訴求”。進而形成了公司的四大核心競爭力:1產品質量;2研發能力;3客戶服務;4市場口碑。 目前,公司擁有國家住建部“康居認證”、德國能源署“PHI認證”和以K值0.79被國家住建部選入《被動式低能耗建筑產品選用目錄》的塑窗型材生產企業。


                 河北勝達智通新型建材有限公司擁有型材生產線100條,年產勝達特百特“60、65、70、88”系列型材10萬噸。其中,“TOP-BEST88 MD低能耗被動式”系列及勝達特百特紋彩復合系列型材,是公司累積十余年設計生產經驗研發成功的較為質感、耐候性較好、廣泛適于各種惡劣氣候條件下的塑窗型材。 


          Hebei Shengda Group is a modern comprehensive enterprise group. Its product and service including chemical building material, PVC profile, Plastic window&door system, solar water heater, packaging material, fine chemicals, etc.
          Hebei Shengda Zhitong New Building Materials Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of plastic building material. It’s one of subsidiary of Hebei Shengda Group and was established in 1999. It’s located in Baoding High-Tech Industry Zone. The transportation is very convenient, about 180 kilometers from Beijing. With near-20-year rapid development, Shengda Zhitong New Building Materials CO., LTD has been one of the largest professional PVC profile and plastic window&door manufacturer in Hebei province. We are honored the Chairman Unit of Windows/Doors and Profiles Committee, which belongs to the China Plastic Processing Industry Association.
          Hebei Shengda Zhitong New Building Materials Co., LTD has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and OHSAS18000 occupation health management system certification. It’s only company got “Comfortable Housing Certification” from National Housing and Urban-rural Development Ministry and won the approval PHI certification from German DENA. Among passive window& door system, TOP-BEST ®series, Uw=0.79w/m2.K. It’s the only PVC window&door profile manufacturer, was recommended to 《Passive Low Energy Building Products Catalog》by National Housing and Urban-rural Development Ministry. With perfect product quality and service, Shengda PVC profile has been widely approved and gained the honor of “Famous Brand” from Chinese Trademark Bureau and “National Inspection-free Products”.
          Hebei Shengda Zhitong New Building Materials Co., LTD has owned 100 advanced PVC profile extrusion lines. The total annual production capacity has reached 100,000 tons. Currently, Shengda has 13 business units and total employee over 800. Main products series including W series (White series), FC series ( Full color series),CC series (Co-extrusion color series),GC series (Golden color series), Top-Best®series (passive low energy series),etc. Every series has different model, including 60,65,70,88 and so on. Shengda PVC profiles have great varieties, complete specifications and a wide selection of colors and designs, are widely used to fix window, casement window, top-hung window, folding window, horizontal sliding window and vertical sliding window as well as combined windows which can meet all kinds of needs. We have established a strong domestic marketing network, and step by step develop international market.
          Under the chairman of Mr. Sheng Zhou and the general manager of Mr. Weiqiang Zhou’s leadership, Shengda insist enterprise behavior of “Enthusiasm, Diligence, Self-discipline, Development” and spirit of enterprise “Intelligence, understand, harmony,strong forever never give up”. Hebei Shengda Zhitong New Building Materials Co., LTD dedicate to providing excellent products and services to society and creating a more beautiful future!